Brother of All Hits the Stage

Posted by Director Jonni Pera

Well, I feel like we really have begun! The Cherry Orchard closed on Saturday. Cast, crew and all of us extras struck the set and cleaned up. It's always sad to see a show close, but it also means a new beginning.

Sunday Brother of All hit the stage. We had a small but mighty crew. We got flats arranged and secured, painted the flats, and began the construction of what we call ‘the unit.’ The big surprise was that Mel came down during the day today and finished that off and we started rehearsal with a fairly complete set. What a blessing!

Last night we rough blocked Dr. Albert and Leonard’s first scene together with the intro of Wilma. Rough blocking can sometimes get confusing, but I feel like we have a solid start to the process. Our actors came prepared to work. As David (Dr. Albert) pointed out, we have a short schedule so we have to focus and work at a fast pace.

Tonight or tomorrow, playwright Jim Henry will be in the house to observe and talk about any possible script changes. We will be busy!