Wilma the dog is a great asset to 'Cherry'

Posted by Heather Pflug

Last night I had a great opportunity to get "up close personal" with Wilma, the awsome black and white dog playing The Hound in Chicago Street's production of "The Cherry Orchard." Wilma's stage moments are sparse, but brilliant

Her owners, Marty and Kelley Weisenbacher, insist that she is "fooling" everyone with her laidback, sweet demeanor. Apparently, Wilma is a "chewer" and has a fondness for shoes and trash cans when she is in the comfort of her own home, but she was the picture of good behavior last night.

On opening night, Wilma joined the cast for the curtain call but quickly got freaked out by the applause, whistling, and yelling. Now Wilma sits the curtain call out, waiting patiently for Kelley to retrieve her backstage.

While her fellow actors were on stage last night, I took her out of her crate and played with her. She enthusiastically did one trick after another in exchange for a treat. She is so gentle and loving, and I wanted to take her home with me. I'm sure, however, that my own dog Bella would have taken a dim view of having a new sibling. She is quite territorial and not great at sharing.  And I'm quite sure that Kelley and Marty wouldn't have stood still while their beloved Wilma was "dognapped." They are quite fond of her!

If you haven't yet seen Wilma on stage, check her out!