'Cherry Orchard' cast, crew are having a ball

Kevin Doran plays Trofimov in 'The Cherry Orchard'

Posted by Kevin Doran

The best part about The Cherry Orchard rehearsals is getting all of our innate humor out of our systems so we can convince the audience we’re a group of turn-of-the-century Russian aristocrats. This is not an easy task. We are a crazy group. It’s as serious a problem as the Gaevs losing their orchard. We are too funny. Barb, Daena, Tony, the whole gang. We’re pretty hilarious.

Have you read this play? It’s filled with subtext and implications of lost love and disappointment. And yet we are goofing around?

With this group, how could we not?

This play, and the entire rehearsal process leading up to it, has been hilarious and rewarding because the people involved have put in many long hours to perfect their roles both on-stage and off. We have all done it without losing sight that theatre, even serious drama, is a fun thing to do with other people.

It’s often repeated in rehearsals that theatre is a team sport. This play proved that. Every single actor is feeding off the choices of the writer, the other actors, and directors, costume designer, lighting choices and sound cues. The result is a completely new and unique take on an old story, and it would be a shame to miss because when it’s done, it’s done.

As sad as that is to think about, we still have one more weekend of Chekhovian masterpiece crafted in the way that only a community theatre could pull off. This is the dramatic equivalent of a home-cooked meal. So I will end here and see you in the audience. The work will speak for itself. I know you will not be disappointed. Thank you.