Dracula is 'fangtastic'!

Posted by Dracula Assistant Director Lindsey Elderkin

The first weekend of Dracula is under our belts, and the cast is getting some much needed rest. To say that our tech week was a breeze is usually not the case for any show, but for Dracula, and all of our special effects, it was a MONSTROUS feat (pun TOTALLY intended). 

 Prior to our two performances this past weekend, tech week for both cast and crew was one of the most difficult tech weeks I honestly can say I’ve ever had, but also the most rewarding as it all came together. Luckily, we were able to perform all of our hard work for TWO sold-out houses.

Director JoBeth Cruz sent me an email after she cast the show asking me to participate as assistant director. Immediately, I understood her vision, and after hearing all of her ideas for the show, I was ecstatic to begin working. But, we are only as great as our team, and with the help of theater connections JoBeth and I knew in various parts of the Northwest Indiana and Chicago-land area, we acquired a group of knowledgeable go-getters who helped make our vision a reality. 

Thanks to an amazing team, we have pyrotechnics, fake blood and fight choreography, eerily beautiful costumes, artistic lighting, intricate set pieces, projected photography and videos, an original sound design, and fog…tons and tons of fog.

 I think the most humbling and exciting thing I have learned from my first experience at CST with so many talented cast and crew members is that everyone really does have the same vision; we volunteer our time to put on the best possible production for you, the audience. We spend countless hours at the theater perfecting our characters, pyrotechnics, set pieces, etc. because we want you to enjoy a night out with family and friends.

So, as scary as tech week was for us, we are pleased to be able to now scare the pants off all of you! Come see our “fangtastic” show!