Blood Drive Closed!


Posted by Director of Development Kelly Hite
Chicago Street Theatre would like to thank all those who signed up to be a donor for our October 22 Dracula Blood Drive!  The response was so outstanding that the Red Cross cannot handle any more in the time slot allotted.  Wow!  How great is that?  CST had no idea it would be so successful and will definitely plan on making this an annual event.  We are also looking at the possibility of having another one in the warmer months.  

I've learned a lot about blood donation while organizing this drive.  Did you know that every pint donated saves 3 lives?  That's quite amazing!  By taking an hour of your time, you can give the gift of life to 3 people not only affecting their lives, but those of their families and loved ones.  That should make a person feel good about being a donor.  

Again, thank you to the Porter County Red Cross for providing such a vital service to our community and especially all our patrons and members for giving the gift of life.