by Nicholas Stuart Gray
directed by Kat Lutze and Marcia Burbage
August 29 - September 13, 2014 | Now Closed.

This fresh interpretation of Beauty and the Beast tells of a girl who travels to a magical castle where a vain prince has been cursed by an evil witch until he can learn to find true love. Audiences young and old will delight in the colorful cast of characters that includes a young dragon named, “Mikey.”

Fri, Aug 29: Opening Night Party at The South Bend Chocolate Company

BEAUTY & THE BRUNCH: Sat, Sept 13, 2014 at 12:30pm

Trinity Lutheran Fellowship Hall, 201 Washington St. (Next to Chicago Street Theatre)

Enjoy a fun brunch with the cast of Beauty and the Beast.  Visit our events page for more information.  Join our email list to be the first to know all the details.

The Cast

  • Witch (Aunt Hodge) -- Olivia Murray
  • Young Mikey the Dragon -- Olivia Lozano
  • Older Mikey the Dragon -- Nathan Kirk
  • Cocky-olly the Magical Rooster -- Jonah Kaplan & Zoey Powell
  • Prince -- Ian Hurst-Kosky
  • Beast -- Dennis Murray
  • Mr. Clement (Father) -- Ethan Zell
  • Jessamine (Daughter) -- Juna Johnson
  • Jonquiline (Daughter) -- Rachael Neinast
  • Jane (Beauty) -- Paloma Calvin
  • Head Shadows -- Ian Hurst-Kosky, Ione Calvin, Sydney Stazinski, Maggie Samocki & Connor Phutawon
  • Shadows -- Tegan Werner, Bethany Wehner, Zachary Wehner, Wolfgang Saavedra & Anika Anderson