Audition Information

SATURDAY, MAY 14 — 12-2 pm and

MONDAY, MAY 16 — 6:30-8 pm

Duke Frederick has constructed a court where everything is as he sees it, or as he likes it, a strict but orderly and certain world of black and white, good and bad, love and hate, male and female, right and wrong. When those in his court complicate his vision by showing their “true colors”, he questions their loyalties and banishes them to the Forest of Arden. Here, the exiles are ironically free to explore their true but complicated natures and learn what it means to be human and to love, as they like it.

Male or female:

  1. Duke (Duchess) Fredrcik(a), ruler of the court; he sent Duke Senior, his brother, into exile in the Forest of Arden/Duke (Duchess) Senior, sent into exile and living happily in the Forest of Arden. Friend of the late Sir Rowland.
  2. Sir Oliver Martext, a country vicar/Jacques de Boys/William, a country bumpkin
  3. Le Beau, servant of Duke Frederick/Hymen, Lord attending on Duke Senior in disguise as the God of Marriage

Male identifying

  1. Charles, wrestler for Duke Frederick/Silvius, a poetic shepherd, in love with Audrey
  2. Adam, servant to Orlando/Corin, an older shepherd
  3. Orlando: Youngest son of the late Sir Rowland, later in love with Rosalind
  4. Oliver: Eldest son of the late Sir Rowland, later in love with Celia
  5. Touchstone: A clown in the court of Duke Frederick, later in love with Phebe

Female identifying

  1. Rosalind: Daughter of Duke Senior, later in love with Orlando. Disguises herself as a male page, Ganymede
  2. Celia: Daughter of Duke Frederick, later in love with Oliver/ Disguises herself as Aliena
  3. Phebe: A shepherdess who falls in love with Ganymede
  4. Audrey: A woman from the country



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