A View from the Bridge

May 24 - June 8, 2013 Now Closed.

by Arthur Miller
directed by Karl Berner and Justin Treasure

As told by the New York News: "a modern classic…the central character is a long-shoreman who, though his mind is limited and he cannot find words for his thoughts, is an admirable man. When two of his wife's Italian cousins are smuggled into this country, he makes room for them in his home. Gratefully they move in among his wife, his children and the teen-age niece whom he has brought up and whom he has come to love, he thinks, as a daughter. And now the stage is set for tragedy. One of the illegal immigrants has a family in Italy for whom he is working; the other young, extraordinarily handsome, and exceedingly blonde, is single. He wants to become an American, and he falls in love with his benefactor's niece. If he marries the girl he will no longer have to hide from immigration officials. A monstrous change creeps up on the kind and loving uncle. He is violently opposed to this romance and is not intelligent enough to realize that this opposition is not motivated, as he thinks, by a dislike of the boy and a suspicion that he is too pretty to be a man, but by his own too intense love for his niece. This is an intensely absorbing drama, sure of itself every step of the way. It makes no false moves, wastes no time and has the beauty that comes from directness and simplicity."

Opening Night Party after the show on Friday, May 24. Enjoy light refreshments and mingle with the cast.  Hosted at Pikk's Tavern.


  • John Larrabee as Eddie Carbone, a longshorman
  • Heather Chaddock as Catherine, the niece of Eddie and Beatrice
  • Dona Henry as Beatrice, wife of Eddie and aunt of Catherine
  • Timothy Gleason as Marco, cousin of Beatrice
  • Josh Eggleston as Rodolpho, Beatrice's cousin from Italy
  • Jim Henry as Alfieri, an Italian-American lawyer
  • T.J. Aubuchon as Mike, a longshoreman and friend of Eddie's, and 2nd Immigration Officer
  • Rodney Thornton as Louis, a longshoreman and friend of Eddie's
  • Jim Drader as Tony, a friend of the Carbones, and 1st Immigration Officer 
  • Mark McColley as Mr. Lipari, a butcher who lives upstairs from the Carbone's
  • Patricia Schulz as Mrs. Lipari, the upstairs neighbor of the Carbone's