A Little Bit Not Normal

Confessions of a secret keeper. Every family has a little crazy.
Written and performed by Arlene Malinowski
Developed and directed by  Will Rogers
A Co-Production between CST and Mental Health America (MHA) Celebrating Mental Health Awareness month in May. 

Fri, May 1 at 8pm | Sat, May 2 at 8pm | Sun, May 3 at 2:30pm | Now Closed  

The autobiographical solo show “A Little Bit Not Normal” revolves around a secret that was discovered at a family wedding and had been kept for over six decades.  With her trademark humor, Arlene Malinowski confronts her own state of mind when depression slipped in through her basement window, lit a cigarette and made himself at home.

The play reflects the crisis of the mental health system in our culture, the impact of mental illness on the family and the complex, confusing and little understood world of medications, treatments, therapy and alternatives. It explores the shame and secrecy that comes from mental illness because of the stigma that is so attached to it.

“A Little Bit Not Normal”is the journey from mental illness to recovery and the story of naming it, claiming it and standing to be counted.

Playwright and Performer Biography

Malinowski is a playwright. actor and activist.Her 5 solo shows, whichexplores issues around disabilityhave been produced in venues and colleges across the country and abroad including St Louis Center of Contemporary Art, the New Works Project at Millennium Park and HBO Workspace. Her other plays have been produced by NY Flash Fest, Chicago Theater Off Book, Victory Gardens and was a finalist for the Heartland. Her solo work has been honored with an LA Garland Award, and LA Theatre Ovation and 3Arts nomination.

Television credits (some of it good, some of it bad) include guest starring on: CSI, ER, The Practice, The X Files,Any Day Now, The Division, Diagnosis Murder, and the CBS movie, Sweet Nothing in My Ear. As an actor she has appeared on stages in LA and Chicago.

Arlene isanAssociate Artist at 16th Street Theater and Resident Playwright at Chicago Dramatist where this play was developed.She has been a Ragdale Fellow, has a Doctorate degree from UCLA and teaches at Chicago Dramatists, privately and conducts master classes. She has been a contributing writer to a lot of literary publications with strange names like Paramanu Pentataquark, En Posse Review and The Week Behind, More magazine, Huffington Post and WBEZ. Her newest project is her 5 year initiative to become part of the National conversation around mental illness through the arts--using her solo show as the cornerstone.

Finally, she is, to her knowledge, the only actor to appear both in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure AND Doogie Howser and in the same 24 hours.